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1、Silver products related to questions and answers
2、Spar products related to questions and answers
3、Pearl products, and questions and answers
4、Jade products, and questions and answers
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1、Silver products related to questions and answers

Q: silver, 990 silver and 925 silver difference?

A:Silver: silver, also known as Po, are currently available to extract the maximum scientific purity over 99.999%. Silver general state treasury as a reserve material. Silver of fineness not less than the normal 996 ‰, 99 silver pale and very soft, easy to use it to make jewelry deformation, not inlaid gemstones.
Zuyin: Silver with not less than 990 ‰, mark the Zuyin or S990, 990 Silver called Zu Yin. (S stands for the English silver Silver)
925 Silver, an English label for the 925S, said the silver content of 92.5%, 7.5% copper jewelry with silver. This color silver has some hardness, has a certain toughness, a more appropriate production of rings, pins, hair clips, necklaces and other jewelry, and precious stone easily.

Q:How to identify the 925 silver products?

A:Regular 925 silver products in the product should be engraved with S925, the customer can be careful to identify, secure shopping.

Q:Silver jewelry comes with the necklace is how long?

A:Comes with a silver chain is generally the value of 49 yuan to 18-inch silver chain.

Q:Why silver black?

A:(1)、Because each person's endocrine and physical conditions are different, some people sweat more acid, some less, some people's body fluids in relatively high sulfur content, these are the silver surface of black material, so every individuals wearing silver would produce different results, some people will wear bright half as good as new.
(2)、Air and other substances (such as eggs, cosmetics) of sulfur, nitric acid and silver oxide all have a certain degree of corrosion. Silver jewelry worn too long, and combination of sulfur with silver in the silver jewelry will be formed on the surface layer of black silver sulfide film, begins as a number of small spots, followed by diffusion into the film to form commonly referred to as the silver scale, change as black, silver jewelry affect the surface gloss, people often mistake it fade. Because of these natural properties of silver, so silver has good health effects, often worn and in the human body can be toxic. Silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect, can eliminate 650 bacteria can do drug testing tool, on the human body is very good. You can also accelerate wound healing, control infection, and to purify water and preservative effect. The ancients said: silver body, health, wealth will be accompanied, five organs, fixed mind, just horrified, except evil. In medicine, than the other precious metals on human health effects is much higher.

Q:Silver jewelry on cleaning and maintenance

A:1)、Clean silver jewelry: a day when wearing silver surface with a soft cloth to maintain the luster. But it is best special silver cleaning cloth. Daily cleaning easy way to squeeze a little toothpaste in the silver top, add some water, rubbing to the appropriate white bubbles, then rinse clean water can be restored light.
2)、Silver maintenance of common sense: the best way to support war jewelry worn every day, because the body fat will send moist natural luster of silver, usually do not wear it necessary for a good, preferably airtight pockets for good, to prevent the silver surface dark contact with air and oxidation.
(1)、Do not while wearing silver jewelry worn by the other precious metals, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
(2)、Application of silver cloth when not wearing wipe clean their jewelry box or bag sealed.
(3)、Silver avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals do not and hair gel, perfume, skin care products together.
(4)、Laundry, bathing, remove the silver a work should be to avoid wearing a swim, especially to the sea.
(5)、Contact with hot or silver sulfide, easy to make the surface change, so should be avoided in the spa area to wear.
(6)、Silver oxidation showed light brown, silver cleaning cloth can also be directly wipe (rub silver with silver cloth maintenance component, can not wash, wipe generated dirty as silver, can be used repeatedly).
(7)、Silver suitable for everyday wear, because the body fat can produce natural moist silver sheen.
The other: part of the company complimentary silver cleaning silver goods gifts fabric.
2、Spar products related to questions and answers

Q:Crystal jewelry is all natural?

A:Our company for all natural crystal jewelry are part of quality control with the authority of the certificate, customers can check the rear landing site certification inquiries can call the 400 customer service phone in front of the certificate.

Q:Stone Products Why are feeling sticky after delivery, placing white after a period of time?

A:lux-women Stone jewelry are made of polished natural Stone, a long time not because of material properties such as wear jewelry the surface may appear dry phenomenon, now can smear a small amount of olive oil or vegetable oil Jewelry maintenance, you can restore the luster. In order to ensure the goods when the goods issue of gloss, so we had some maintenance oil painting.
3、Pearl products, and questions and answers

Q:Mountain lake with some pearl in the certificate, what is up and down Lake certificate?

A:Mountain lake pearl production certificate for the certificate.
4、Jade products, and questions and answers

Q:What is jade? Jadeite jade is not it?

A:Jade is a broad concept, is that many of the mineralogical composition of a mineral collection. Chinese jade and jadeite from the major categories is divided into soft jade, emerald is a type of jadeite.

Q:What is a jadeite? What is nephrite?

A:Including jadeite and nephrite jade. Jade is jadeite, and nephrite, and so is soft flash Shi Yu Yu.

Q:Where production Jade?

A:Jade is the main origin of Myanmar, followed by still Guatemala, Russia and Japan also produce jade, but the rate did not produce as big of Myanmar.

Q:Jade was formed under what conditions it?

A:Jade is 10 000 atmospheric pressure and low temperature (200 - 300 ℃) formed. Pressure is due to crustal movements caused by the formation of extrusion pressure.

Q:What is the emerald color root?

A:A jade ornament on the see a little bit or a small section deep some of the green, some of these slightly dark green for the gradual transition to the relatively shallow green color inside the said root. Jade Jade color root is within the dark green "living spot", which is emerald flaws. Jade Quality Jade is not the root.

Q:Concentration is Yunhu yang mean?

A:All of the color evaluation. Concentration: Emerald color saturation is higher. Yang: refers to the brightness of the color of jade is higher. Is: is the emerald hue to pure, free of other colors. Uniform: is the distribution uniformity of emerald color. And: is the distribution of jade color harmony or not. Contrast is: light, shade, old, evil, flower.

Q:What is the white jade cotton?

A:White cotton is the emerald inside saw patchy, banded, filaments, corrugated, translucent, slightly transparent white mineral. The main component of white mineral sodium feldspar and some gas composed of liquid inclusions. Impurities within the material is jade, seriously affecting the quality of jade and beautiful. Its presence will greatly affect the price of jade.

Q:What is A Jade Cargo? What is the B goods Jade? How simple visual identification?

A:A cargo jade, natural jade, is not chemically treated, color, with the result of natural jade. B goods Jade, Jade bleaching gel injection is a result of acid washing and injection plastic jade, acid soaking, cleaning help to improve the transparency and color of jade. Identification: ① ② color to see see the surface characteristics (gloss, texture) ③ listen to the sound.
5、Diamond products related to questions and answers

Q:Where are your diamonds are produced?

A:Most of the origin of diamonds in South Africa, but where the origin is not important, because diamond is to look at 4C data, not just look at place of origin, can not say drilling than the Soviet Union of South Africa's diamond producing good quality, origin of that is a misunderstanding.

Q:Diamond 4C in the end is what?

A:4C is the quality of diamond grading standards, including weight (Carat), Color (Colour), Clarity (Clarity) and cut (Cut), this standard is by the GIA School of American jewelry set, jewelry industry recognized and used classification standard.

Q:Diamond is not the highest level possible?

A:As a collection, naturally, is the highest level possible, but as everyday wear, we recommend a more cost-effective diamond, so wise consumption.

Q:Hearts and Arrows cut is not good?

A:Hearts and Arrows is a special optical effects, is better to form symmetry effects, note that this effect is the naked eye can not see the need for a special viewer to see. Cut is a comprehensive evaluation, not only is the symmetry, and therefore have a good cut with Hearts and Arrows effect is also possible, but not necessarily a good Hearts and Arrows cut.

Q:How to preserve and increase the diamond?

A:In general, the color VS clarity H 50 or more points cut diamond with very good preservation value.

Q:Diamond prices have gone up faster it?

A:Quotations on the international diamond, single color over 1 carat in size than H color VS clarity diamonds almost every month over a range of rising prices of other levels are also increasing the size of the diamond, magnitude smaller than large particles Diamond.

Q:I also want to light it like a fire, how to select?

A:Because the diamonds out of the fire was bright and inversely, the color of diamonds appear very bright high, but it will fade out the fire, so a compromise color is GH color, if the Chinese and select high color intensity level, if the Chinese and the fire to low-color level.

Q:A diamond's color is the highest color it?

A:Diamond color is a color beginning from D to Z color, D-color is the highest color, DE color as transparent (very white), FG is a colorless (excellent white), H color is white, IJ such as white light, the specific reference to our Diamond color selection of articles.

Q:I did not too much money but I want to major points of the diamond, how do?

A:If you only wear, then I recommend buying diamonds SI level, because the visual clarity is not easy to find the best features of a 1 carat diamond below, SI and VS and VVS grade is worn on the hands not feel the purity, but could feel the size, color and cut workers.

Q:I like the kind of gold, diamond-style grip on both sides, how?

A:We recommend that customers do not select this slot Xiang style as easily off the diamond, we recommend using Prong Diamond way, about 30 minutes at least 2 feet, about 50 minutes at least 3 feet, 1 carat or so at least 4 feet, the most secure way is 6 feet crown inlay.

Q:Take a bath you can wear diamonds?

A:Although many people believe that wearing jewelry to have been separated from body, but if you want your diamonds always glitter, they also need it to care. Because the characteristics of diamonds, some pro-oil, so should not work with Diamond to the kitchen, not wearing a bath. Although hard but also very crisp diamond, it can not use it to strong impact.
6、Answers to specific questions

Q:Why do some receive the product quality does not match with the product description?

A:Description of the goods were randomly selected sample of the data, our operations are the natural products category jade spar, spar with some kind because of internal inclusions and cracks have led to differences in quality as normal. Jade for a variety of minerals and aggregates, including nephrite, sodium chromium pyroxene, pyroxene, etc. through the flash, because with all kinds of different ingredients, so the location of the same piece of material of different quality can not be exactly the same.

Q:The brave have holes on the bottom? Will not even bankruptcy?

A:Since ancient times, we all know, brave and a mouth without anus, a symbol of wealth not only enter, it will not even bankruptcy. In order to meet different customer requirements, meet the modern customer a variety of ways to wear jewelry, near the tail where the brave have a decorative hole, convenient to the customer free to wear (can also be compiled into a bracelet).
7、Size Guide buy products

Q:How to measure hand-inch ring?

A: If your custom ring online, do not know their own hand-inch numbers, can use this method of volume out: 1. First hand with the thread around the circle (do not be too loose), then straighten the thread cut with a ruler What is the length of the thread circumference. Against the table number corresponding to the size of their numbers is a; 2. Take a ruler directly measure out the diameter of fingers (This table is for reference only)

Q:How to measure the internal diameter of bracelet?

A:Customer self-test methods required for bracelet size Method 1: With a measuring tape around the location as shown in Figure 1 week measure your hand circumference (if there is no tape, can also be used to replace non-elastic thread, and then measured with a ruler), the data is accurate to mm (millimeters). With the data divided by the 3.15, the result is accurate to mm fruit, that is, you are required to wear the bracelet the best size. Note: 1. Concubine bracelet usually takes appropriate increase in 1-2mm; 2. Personal Shougu hard and soft, can be plus or minus 1-2mm; 3. These methods represent the results of objective data and personal preferences on the aperture size has nothing to do. Method 2: Use a ruler measure palm at its widest point (excluding thumb) in width. Measure the size of the control the following table, you can choose the right caliber of the bracelet. Palm at its widest point: 62-66mm 50-52mm diameter wear 66-70mm 52-54mm diameter wear 70-74mm 54-56mm diameter wear 74-78mm 56-58mm diameter wear 78-82mm 58-61mm diameter wear 82mm diameter 61mm or more to wear than
尺寸1 Figure 1 尺寸2Figure 2
9、Lux jewelry protection provided by relevant

Q:Quality inspection certificate issued by any agency? It has the authority?

A:lux-women Certificate with the "All-China Federation of Inspection and Research Center gem jewelry certificate of authenticity." Testing Center of China Federation of jewelry is the Certification and Accreditation Board Certification and the National Measurement Accreditation, is a national jewelry testing authority. China Laboratory Accreditation Board accreditation of conformity assessment, international mutual recognition of dozens of countries. The center is 2008 Beijing Olympic Medals Olympic Committee commissioned the only testing organization with jade, the BOCOG appointed Director of the Centre Dongzhen Xin is the only jewelry testing experts, please feel comfortable buying.

Q:Query steps on the certificate

A:Views: Inquiry → 08 new certificate (with photo) → gem in the card / gem small card
Certificate Enquiries:400-6789—616