“Jadeite” in English, being the abbreviation of Spanish “Picdo de jade”, which means the gemstone wearing in the waist.
翡翠知识         It is the explanation of “Jadeite” created by Xushen’s 《说文解字》in the period of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Subsequently, these two words used to describe birds’ feather originally were changed to describe red and green ornament by the ancient. It is about Song Dynasty, the two words were united to describe jade, “Jadeite” represents aggregation of jadeite. Because it is produced in Burma mainly, it also can be called Burma jade. Most of jadeite is green and maroon, so it is identical to ancient’s explanation of “翡为红、翠为绿”. Probably for this cause, the two words“Jadeite”are gradually chan-ged into the special name of jadeite aggregation from jasper (nephrite) today.

        According to the materials of archaeological cultural relic, British historian Joseph Li thinks that the jadeite was not introduced to Yunnan of China from Burma until the 18th century. It is generally acknowledged that it was after Ming Dynasty when our country really presented the Burmese emerald. By QingDynasty, because of gentry’s fondness, jadeite found itself greatly elevated in social status and became the king of jade.