Appreciation of Jade Investment Council (Cultural Arts)

Published:2010-08-02    Author:admin

2010, the money, how to spend it can both enjoy the appreciation?
2010, "China's economy the most complex one year" (- Wen), the stock market downturn, the property market risks of high and volatile gold, huge amounts of money walk the dead, contact the State to suppress agricultural, mining derived threshold surge ... ... tired, rest stopping for a rest, can the other side of the CPI soaring, seeing the rapid shrinking bank's money! 2010, the money, how to spend it can both enjoy the appreciation?
Jade, with its gentle elegance up to people much sought after ancient and modern. Jade, jade is also known as the king of the population in the transmission from generation to generation jelly mouth, heart to heart the 100 will switch to flow back into the jade culture spread into a very concentrated on behalf of the Chinese culture. Can be said that the Chinese people and the world in the minds of Asian people, Jade has not only a rare mineral, but carrying Eastern wisdom, Confucianism, Buddhism, mystical totem stone ideal, this concept even more amazing is the good old , what follows is the rapid expansion of the market. However, because of its unique geological environment, the need for global jade ornaments for 99% of raw materials are produced in Myanmar, Yunnan, China Zi Shen Guo temporary, long-term deep political turmoil in Myanmar, the country's transition from the early mining of high-grade jade stones caused by lack, until Today's strict restrictions on export of jade stones, jade from the root cause shrinking supply from the source.
Hong Kong 1998 economic crisis since more than ten years, finished high appreciation of jade had a hundred times, but due to historical reasons of the Asian tigers earlier regional economic development, many high-grade jade is in early Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan to buy With the economy in recent years, the rapid development in China, jade collection circle gradually being more and more Chinese local partner in the spreads love, jade soaring prices crashed, the idea that "love is the price" of the chaos stage , to now even than gold hard pass, really should be a phrase an old saying - "the gold in troubled times, flourishing Tibetan jade."
So, how to know from the love of jade jade jade to play from the knowledge of jade, from jade to not only fun to play again in preserving and increasing consumption, and eventually become a new appreciation of the direction of investment, as a new opportunity in life? Jade Appreciation to invest, pay less innocent tuition, fun collection of many products!

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